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How Dr. Rodríguez uses BrainHi’s data insights to improve the patient experience

Dr. Rafael Rodriguez’ decision to implement BrainHi in his medical practice came after a growing struggle to improve the patient experience in his office while being unable to answer every incoming call: “With our original phone setup, callers faced a wait time in between each call that could last up to two minutes, and that was too long. We noticed that many people would hang up the phone. As a member of the Gastroenterology Cooperative, I heard colleagues mention BrainHi as a possible solution. Upon review of BrainHi, we were able to see all of the data confirming how many calls we were missing, and we were both surprised and alarmed.” After that realization, Dr. Rodriguez made the decision to implement BrainHi with the goal of recovering those missed calls and accessing them afterwards over time. According to Dr. Rodriguez, it was BrainHi’s data insights into his office’s call volume that encouraged him to opt for the automated platform.

BrainHi is the essential facilitator in communication between us and our new and existing patients. Right now, we don’t have any reason to stop using BrainHi. Each staff member has found a way to make BrainHi crucial for their specific needs in the office.

Adapting to change thanks to BrainHi

After the new security protocols due to COVID-19, Dr. Rodriguez’ office had to adapt and improve internal operations. Before working with BrainHi, a nurse would have to leave the office and go down multiple flights of stairs to retrieve each of their patients for their appointments. Now, Dr. Rodriguez’ team sends an identification code through BrainHi’s text messaging platform to each patient so they can identify themselves to the security personnel at the entrance of the medical building. “This reduces the need for multiple check-in phone calls with the patient and also reduces the time our staff spends looking for patients outside. The guards recognize our patients right away because of these codes and help us maintain a steady flow of appointments. The patients are also very happy because we’re following up with them right after they come to the office without the need to call them. We use text messages a lot since everyone has a cell phone,” Dr. Rodriguez says.

One essential platform for the entire team

Dr. Rodriguez and his team consider BrainHi essential to their daily administrative tasks. From the recovery of missed calls, appointment confirmation and patient follow-ups, to access into the office. “Right now, we don’t have any reason to stop using BrainHi. Each staff member has found a way to make BrainHi crucial for their specific needs in the office. BrainHi is the essential facilitator in our communication with new and existing patients. We serve each one of them without interrupting our other daily responsibilities,” concludes Dr. Rodriguez, a BrainHi client.

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