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A true extension of your team

A true extension of your team

BrainHi assigns you agents who know your practice and schedule appointments how you want them to be scheduled.
Increase appointments

Increase appointments

Missed callers will call the next dental practice in their Google search. BranHi ensures you never miss a patient opportunity.
At a fraction of the cost

A fraction of the cost

We send an auto-text message to patients after a missed call. Agents can have multiple conversations simultaneously via text which reduces costs.
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We'll answer them for you—24/7

We leverage technology to provide dedicated agents  who know your practice and can schedule appointments directly in your practice management software, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff.
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Your practice is missing calls from at least 20% of patients.

The Problem

Every day, patients worth $1000s call your practice, but at least 20% don’t get an answer….

Worst of all, losing patients is not the only risk - 96% of bad reviews are due to “bad communication and disorganized operations,” especially during the scheduling process. This is making you lose clients now and in the future.

What are you going to do about it?

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85% of patients won’t leave a voicemail…

Why are you still using it?

Chances of scheduling a new patient decrease by 21x after 5 minutes without a call back

Might force your staff to play phone tag with the patients which is not efficient

Most communications are quite repetitive (“Where are you located?” “Do you accept my insurance?”)


Other Answering Services Still Kill Your Profit Because They Are…

Too Expensive

Nearly as much as hiring someone in-house

Lower Quality

The less expensive options sacrifice quality of service which leads to unsatisfied patients

Too Limited

Are you using an answering service that does not book appointments for you? This is mostly useless for the patient.


Other texting solutions take too long to reply

Why are they slower?

Because they don’t assign a dedicated agent to answer your patient’s calls.

Then your patients have to wait again… 

In fact, after just 5 mins they are 21x more likely to call another dentist!

The Solution

Here’s how to never miss a patient opportunity again

(Even during weekends, nights and while your staff is having lunch)

BrainHi is a 24/7 virtual assistance service for dental practices, which radically improves upon the classic answering service concept. Our service leverages technology to provide the same level of integration with the practice’s current workflows as hiring a new full-time front-desk staff member, but at a fraction of the cost.

We’ll set everything up for you and will schedule appointments directly in your dental practice management system!

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Step #1

Tell us how you'd like us to book appointments

Our dedicated agents learn your scheduling workflows to make sure all appointments are scheduled correctly in your practice management software. 

We have experience working with:
• Complex schedules
• Multi-service and multi-provider practices
• Most of the major practice management systems, including Dentrix, EagleSoft, Curve Dental, Open Dental and more.

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Step #2

We assign you dedicated agents that know your practice

By knowing your practice we can truly be helpful to patients. It feels like we are part of your team!
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Step #3

We set up the missed call forwarding for you

This usually takes just 1 call with your IT or phone carrier. We only need their contact info and will do the rest.
Start saving missed calls now

Step #4

BrainHi starts rescuing the calls for your practice by:

  • Offering 24/7 support to patients
  • Answering their questions right away
  • Scheduling appointments directly in your practice management software

Step #5

See results in the first week

Dr. Spencer Joseph from Braces on 10: 
"Within our first week of using BrainHi, they turned our missed calls into 15 booked appointments! BrainHi does more than what I dreamed they could do.”

Looking to convert more website visitors into new patients?

Getting back to patients that show interest in your practice in less than 5 minutes increases  conversions to appointments by 21x. BrainHi starts a text-based conversation instantly after a patient submits the contact form online.
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100s of dental practices are using BrainHi to improve patient experience, when will you?

Increase appointments

Average increase is ~16%

Never miss calls

Never miss customers

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You’ll see results during the trial

Are you investing in marketing? Are you providing great patient care once the patient arrives in the practice?

Make sure your effort pays off by never missing a patient opportunity over the phone.

Getting started is really easy and we do the heavy lifting for you. 
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