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How Dental Gallery maintains a positive patient relationship with the BrainHi and Open Dental integration

Since 2018, Dr. Rivera has fully trusted BrainHi’s platform to service all of her patients. BrainHi’s virtual assistant is the only one in charge of answering  and rescuing missed phone calls in her dental office. In 2020 alone, BrainHi has answered around 5,000 phone calls, and has confirmed 1,500 patient appointments for her practice, The Dental Gallery.  “I don’t have any front desk personnel so BrainHi is now in charge of all front desk operations. Before BrainHi, we couldn’t keep up with our phone. Now, I can take back the time I used to spend on phone calls to complete other tasks and focus on my patients. Patients also tend to call and ask frequently asked questions, which BrainHi’s bot can now answer.”explains Dr. Elisa Rivera.

Dr. Rivera’s dental office also takes advantage of BrainHi’s integration with Open Dental, a leading dental practice management solution. Having BrainHi’s additional support has simplified her daily tasks. “By having BrainHi integrated with Open Dental, the BrainHi bot can automatically schedule patient appointments directly on my Open Dental calendar.”

BrainHi, a virtual assistant that offers efficiency and trust.

Now, BrainHi has become a permanent tool in Dr. Rivera’s dental practice. Dr. Rivera shared her satisfaction with the Open Dental integration and the support provided by BrainHi’s virtual assistant platform, specifically in the recovery of missed calls: “I don’t think I would be able to live without BrainHi. It is just like having another employee in the office I can trust. Thanks to BrainHi, we have a very low appointment cancellation rate and are able to save hours of time everyday,” confirms Dr. Rivera.

Dr. Rivera, passionate about technology and focused on delivering high-quality services to each of her patients, recommends BrainHi to any dental office that is facing problems with a high volume of missed calls or that simply wishes to simplify and speed up their administrative tasks. “There are other systems that offer similar services but none is as complete as BrainHi,” concludes Dr. Rivera.

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