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How Dr. Roy Kim leads with texting-first patient communications

15 Missed calls rescued daily

Before Dr. Roy Kim and his patient care coordinator, Pari Alexander, started using BrainHi, they thought their follow up process with new and existing patients was more than sufficient. It wasn't until they implemented BrainHi into their plastic surgery practice that they realized how many people were slipping through their phone lines: "It wasn't until we got BrainHi that I could see how many missed calls we actually had. Now, we are able to rescue all of those missed calls even when we are meeting with other patients or out of the office during after-hours," says Pari.

According to Dr. Kim, "As a plastic surgeon, the patient is everything. With AI-powered 2-way texting, I am able to quickly give my patients access to frequently-asked questions 24/7. Patients of all types are used to texting, and BrainHi is bringing in more business because of the ability to text and answer fast."

"I would recommend BrainHi to any and all office staff because it really does help convert missed calls into new patients."

Additionally, BrainHi has made the administrative tasks for Dr. Kim's office less stressful. "It's nice to know that if I am with a patient and I missed a phone call, it's okay because I know that BrainHi has my back. The patient is not going to feel unheard or that we are too busy to deal with them. They remain our number one priority." shares Pari.

Since implementing BrainHi, Dr. Kim's office regularly rescues 15 missed calls per day. Further, because of the ease of the AI-powered texting feature, many of his patients no longer call the office and instead defer to texting through BrainHi every single time: "Patients are really excited about just sending a text to schedule an appointment or let us know they are on their way. BrainHi is a nice extension of myself."

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